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Getting Their Way: Bias and Deference to Trial Courts         

2019. American Journal of Political Science. Volume 63, Issue 3, pp. 706-718.

Books and Book Chapters

Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Credibility Revolution in Empirical Legal Studies      

2019. With Ryan Copus and Hannah Laqueur. In Law as Data: Computation and the Future of Legal Analysis. Edited by Michael A. Livermore and Daniel N. Rockmore. Santa Fe, NM: SFI Press.

Accepted Manuscripts

Biased Judgments without Biased Judges: How Legal Institutions Cause Errors      

Accepted at Journal of Politics.

Recent Working Papers

A Behavioral Theory of Discrimination in Policing

Joint with Andrew T. Little.

Going Into Government: How Hiring from Special Interests Reduces Their Influence           

Joint with Janna King Rezaee.


Joint with Andrew T. Little.

The Hidden Effects of Judge Ideology in Federal District Courts           

Joint with Ryan Copus.

Other Working Papers

Advice & Consent: Semi-Automated Text Analysis of Judicial Confirmation Hearings

Joint with James Hicks.

Detecting Inconsistency in Governance           

Joint with Ryan Copus.

One Campaign Website, Multiple Constituencies

Joint with Michael Dougal and Tzu-Ping Liu.

The Persistence of Mafias

Joint with Omar García-Ponce.