Letters of Recommendation

I will write students a letter of recommendation if they get an A- or better in my course. I strongly recommend that students seek letters from the courses where they performed the best. So, if you received an A- in my class, I should not be your first choice.

If you want me to write you a letter, please come see me in my office during my office hours. If I agree to write for you, please send me the following:

Information about the program(s)

  • List of institutions/programs you are applying to
  • The earliest application deadline
  • Links to submit my letter for each institution (usually, it's sent automatically from the application system)
  • If not law or policy school: a brief description of the degree you are pursuing

Information about you

  • Your resume
  • Draft of your personal statement OR a few paragraphs on why you want to go to grad school and why you think you're a good fit for the program
  • Electronic copies of any written assignments you completed for me, and a list of the grades you got in my class
  • If you are applying for a PhD program: your best research/term paper and/or honors thesis

Teaching Interests & Past Courses

  • Research methodology: formal theory; microeconomics; research design and causal inference; statistical inference; empirical modeling; quantitative methods for the practice of law and/or policy; computational social science.
  • American politics: American political institutions; American courts; judicial decision-making; U.S. bureaucracy; U.S. Congress; political economy.
  • Law and public policy: civil procedure; judicial process; law and economics; economics of policymaking.

Past Courses

  • Formal Models of Political Science (graduate)
  • Quantitative Methods II (graduate)
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (graduate)
  • Judicial Process and Behavior
  • The Strategy of Politics (introductory game theory)
  • Introduction to Economic Policy Analysis
  • Introduction to Empirical Analysis and Quantitative Methods (political science research methods)
  • United States Congress
  • French Politics