Ongoing Research

Revisiting Political Ideology in the U.S. District Courts

Joint with Ryan Copus.
August 2018

Detecting Inconsistency in Governance      

Under Review
Joint with Ryan Copus.
July 2018

Getting a Fair Hearing? Bias and Error in the Judicial Hierarchy      

Under Review
July 2018

Credible Prediction: Machine Learning and the Credibility Revolution   

Forthcoming chapter in Law as Data: Computation and the Future of Legal Analysis (SFI Press)
Joint with Ryan Copus and Hannah Laqueur.
July 2018

The Persistence of Mafias

Joint with Omar García-Ponce.
March 2018

Revolving Doors

Joint with Janna Rezaee.
March 2018

Getting Their Way: Bias and Deference to Lower Courts      

Revise & Resubmit at American Journal of Political Science
November 2017

Advice & Consent: Semi-Automated Text Analysis of Judicial Confirmation Hearings

Joint with James Hicks.
June 2016

One Campaign Website, Multiple Constituencies: Ideological Repositioning from Primary to General Election

Joint with Michael Dougal and Christine Kuang.
May 2016

Endogenous Appeals

December 2015